About Us

Springfield, Missouri…where it all began

Ending Homelessness

Our Mission is to Make Springfield, MO a City Where No One Sleeps Outside.

Eden Village is a first of its kind tiny home community that originated in Springfield, Missouri. It is designed to serve the vulnerable population of chronically disabled homeless individuals. These individuals are moved into their own tiny home and surrounded by a community of people with similar experiences. The property also houses a large community center where residents and members of the community can come together.


Making a Difference

Why is Having A Home So Important?

Homelessness is traumatic and forces individuals to live in constant survival mode. Although experiences vary, common experiences include inadequate rest, lack of safety and security, harsh weather conditions, carrying all possessions, vulnerability to crime and searching for food. Homeless individuals are the most vulnerable to dying on the streets.

Since our inception as The Gathering Tree, it has been our goal to create safe and friendly environments for our homeless friends, placing them in their own homes in which they can care for. Since 2010, we’ve been striving to do just that and with the help of our community donating their time and money, we are on our way to Springfield, MO being a city where no one sleeps outside.

Springfield, MO
Springfield, MO